Welcome to Robusto Cafe

Thanks for visiting Robusto Café! Our coffee profiles are crafted to cater to the cigar enthusiast; likewise, our fresh, delicious blends are enjoyed by all coffee lovers. The Robusto team meticulously blends our coffee using only the highest quality beans. Our Habano (Breakfast), Maduro (Medium), and Oscuro (Dark) roasts, are available in the Online Coffee Shop below.

Robusto Cafe' Premium Coffee

We offer Breakfast, Medium, and Dark roast coffee blends that will tantalize your palate and enhance your next coffee and cigar rendezvous.  Flavored and seasonal coffee blends will be available soon!

Our Coffee Lines

Robusto Café coffee are reflective of the most popular cigar leaf shades.  Our three lines (Habano, Maduro, and Oscuro) each include its own unique blend that is roasted to delicious perfection!





Melano is our breakfast blend.  It is silky smooth with a bright taste and a slight winey finish.  it is a medium bodied coffee with notes of semi-sweet chocolate, sweet tobacco, and soft fruit.  It pairs perfectly with a medium bodied morning puff. The Robusto team’s personal favorite pairings with the Melano blend are; Herrera Estelí Habano by Drew Estate, Espinosa Habano, Tatuaje Cojonu ’12 Capa Especial, and San Cristobal Elegancia.


Imperial is a smooth, medium roast blend with a sharp, clean finish. It features notes of dark chocolate, sweet tobacco, roasted nuts and citrus.  This delicious blend pairs well with a medium to full-bodied puff.  Our personal favorite pairings with this delicious blend are Undercrown 10 by Drew Estate, My Father Flor de Las Antillas Maduro, Illusione Rothchildes, and Oliva Serie V Melanio. Maduro.


Opulence is our robust dark roast blend. It delivers rich flavors with notes of smoky dark chocolate, blueberry, and roasted nuts.  Opulence pairs nicely with a medium to full-bodied puff.  The Robusto team recommend the following pairings with this spectacular blend:  Drew Estate Lega Privada No. 9, AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Maduro, My Father Opulencia, and Warped Maestro del Tiempo Seleccion.   

When Cultures Collide

Cigars and coffee are two cultures that complement each other naturally.  Like shades on a color wheel, a light, medium, or full-flavored cigar paired with coffee is a perfect way to begin the day, or the two can be enjoyed together for an evening wind-down.

Various coffee blends compliment organic bold, robust, and earthy cigar notes; but of course, the correct paring is paramount to one’s experience.   A medium bodied cigar with notes of sweet earthiness and a rich, robust cup of coffee is a personal favorite.   Our MISSION here at Robusto Cafe’ is to provide our customers with the ultimate coffee and cigar experience.  We offer premium medium, and dark roast coffee blends that will enhance your next coffee and cigar rendezvous.

Robusto Cafe’ coffee batches are roasted and grinded upon ordering to ensure optimal freshness!